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Seja estudante por toda a vida

postado em 13 de mar. de 2018, 04:05 por Daniel Mesquita   [ 13 de mar. de 2018, 04:08 atualizado‎(s)‎ ]
A educação nunca para.

"Be a Life-Long Learner. Education Never Stops. Just because you graduated college and have a degree does not make you the best candidate for the job. It fails to put you in a position for life-long success. In school, we are trained to associate negative feelings towards reading books, because we are negatively reinforced. You’re never rewarded for being exceptional; only punished for failing. Passing a class is less celebrated than you’d think; passing is expected. Most people read less than one book a year after graduating college. A researched showed that CEO’s read four to six books a month. Most people don’t read one a year. Being able to become a life-long learner enables you to become adaptable in an evolving workforce." - Charles Munger